About us

Since 2010, The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) has partnered with NFCC to create an HPV working group in Kathmandu and build a network throughout the country.  NFCC, in conjunction with the University of Alabama at Birmingham (PI: Dr. Sadeep Shrestha), is one of the first organizations in Nepal to investigate the prevalence and social determinants of HPV infection and HPV risk behavior in Nepali women in different geographic regions. 

UAB and NFCC have been working together for the past twelve years and have established a data coordinating infrastructure at NFCC, specifically through the HPV and cervical cancer projects initiated by Dr. Sadeep Shrestha and the Nepal Health Initiative program at UAB. With this collaboration, there has been incorporation of academia and data presentation at NFCC along with the exchange of different learning. Within the ongoing collaborative projects and programs with investigators in Nepal, several of UAB students and interns in various programs have been hosted by NFCC. The work done in cervical cancer has resulted in some commendable contributions in Nepal out of which the most recent one is the conduction of a cervical cancer screening demonstration program in two districts (Lalitpur and Mahottari) of Nepal while supporting the Government of Nepal’s national plan for the screening and prevention of cervical cancer.