NFCC is a national NGO working on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for more than 30 years in Nepal. It has worked in all the 77 districts in Nepal and has offices in four of the newly created 7 provinces of Federal Nepal. With the objective to supplement and complement the Government of Nepal’s Public Health programs, NFCC has established itself as a pioneer and leader in the public health sector by introducing many innovative programs and interventions that have become a mainstay in Nepal’s national programs. Social Franchising, Quality of Care in health services, piloting of contraceptive methods, Sexually Transmitted Infections have all been major parts of NFCC’s portfolio for the past three decades. Within the last ten years, NFCC has strengthened its position as a public health leader by starting work on HPV/cervical cancer and menstrual health for the first time in Nepal.

Available, Accessible and Affordable Reproductive Health for all!


  1. To complement and supplement the Government of Nepal’s national reproductive health program in Nepal. 
  2. To provide health-related services and trainings to Government of Nepal, NGOs’ and INGOs’ personnel.